Flux Shorting Mitigation on Semiconductor BGA Device through Process Design Enhancement

Antonio R. Sumagpang Jr., Edwin M. Graycochea Jr., Frederick Ray I. Gomez

Page: 1-5
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The Effect of a Dynamic Lens Structure on the Open Circuit Voltage of a Concentrated Photovoltaic Model

Mamoun Lyes Hennache, Ali Hennache

Page: 6-14
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Addressing Off-Centered Ball through Solder Paste Material Evaluation

B. C. Bacquian, F. R. Gomez, E. Graycochea Jr., N. Gomez

Page: 15-18
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Possibility of Usage of Seawater for Mixing and Curing of Concrete in Salty Water Localities

E. I. Ogunjiofor

Page: 19-27
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Characterization, Grading and Flexural Modelling of Rubberwood (Hevea brasiliensis); for the Local and International Construction Industry

O. I. Akpokodje, H. Uguru, D. Esegbuyota

Page: 28-47
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