Influence of Elevated Temperature on Concrete Properties Containing Natural Wastes Treated by Pyrolysis

Manal M. Farag, Magdy El- Yamany, A. S. Faried, W. H. Sofi

Page: 1-15
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Elimination of Crumpled Leadframe Defect through Machine Sensor Enhancement

Jonathan C. Pulido, Edwin M. Graycochea Jr., Frederick Ray I. Gomez

Page: 16-19
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Design of Solar Blind Photodetectors for Communication with Green Signal (λ= 0.532µm) in Space. Part II

Samson Mil’ shtein, Dhawal Asthana

Page: 20-25
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Wirebond Process Optimization through Stitch Relocation on QFN Package

A. Moreno, E. Graycochea Jr., F. R. Gomez

Page: 26-30
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Optimal Placement and Sizing of Capacitors in Radial Distribution Systems: A Two-Stage Method

Sunday Adeleke Salimon, Abiodun Aderemi Baruwa, Saheed Oluwasina Amuda, Hafiz Adesupo Adeleke

Page: 31-43
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