Potential Ecological Risk of Swamps Sediments in Illegal Refineries Sites: A Case Study of Isoko South, Delta State, Nigeria

O. R. Akpomrere, H. Uguru

Page: 1-9
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Implementing Single-Row Process Plate Design for Pre-Encapsulated Lead Frame

R. Rodriguez, F. R. Gomez, J. Pulido

Page: 26-30
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Parameter Estimation of Three-Parameter Weibull Distribution of Gas Turbine Blades Using TPC Windchill Quality Solutions

Erhuvwu Totore, Joseph E. Udumebraye, William E. Odinikuku

Page: 31-40
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Performance Enhancement of Induced Draft Counter Flow Wet Cooling Tower with Different Types of Modified Shaped Fill Assembly

Suman Dewanjee, Sheikh Muhammad Humayun Kabir, Uschuas Dipta Das

Page: 41-53
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A Study of MHD Casson Fluid Flow over a Permeable Stretching Sheet with Heat and Mass Transfer

K. K. Asogwa, A. A. Ibe

Page: 10-25
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