Effect of Cutoff Grade and Stripping Ratio on the Net Present Value for Hamama Gold Project, Eastern Desert, Egypt

Helal H. Hamd_Allh, M. R. Moharram, Mohamed A. Yssin, M. A. Gouda, A. Kh. Embaby

Page: 1-8
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Inhibition of Mild Steel Corrosion in 0.25 M H2SO4 Using Tetracarpidium conophorum Shell Extract

N. C. Ngobiri, K. N. Kikanme

Page: 19-24
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Dicing before Grinding: A Robust Wafer Thinning and Dicing Technology

Bryan Christian S. Bacquian

Page: 25-34
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Application of Ultraviolet Treatment for Paper Production - An Engineering Study

Klaus Dölle, Neil Goodman, William Lawrence

Page: 35-41
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Buoyancy-Induced MHD Stagnation Point Flow of Williamson Fluid with Thermal Radiation

J. O. Ouru, W. N. Mutuku, A. S. Oke

Page: 9-18
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