Comparative Study of Light Steel Roof Frame Construction Methods with Conventional Methods and Prefabricated Methods

Mulyadi Sugih Dharsono *

Civil Engineering, Pradita University, Indonesia.

Arya Gilang

Civil Engineering, Pradita University, Indonesia.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Technology of house construction method have been experiencing development from time to time. In general, there are two construction methods that can be applied to lightweight steel roof truss which are the conventional method and the prefabricated method. The assembly of the lightweight steel roof truss using the conventional method is assembled directly on site, but the prefabricated method was done off site and then carried to the house unit using heavy equipment. With heavy equipment, the prefabricated method is considered to be more cost friendly and time efficient. This research is intended to compare the working methods, costs and time of lightweight steel roof truss using conventional methods and prefabricated methods. The research method used is Qualitative Method where the conventional method's data were collected from site observation on Cluster Type A. The results show that the lightweight steel roof truss using prefabricated method has a faster working time by 67% or three times faster than using conventional method. Meanwhile, the cost of using conventional methods is cheaper by 25% on average than using prefabricated methods.

Keywords: Roof frame, prefabricated, conventional, time, cost

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Dharsono , M. S., & Gilang , A. (2023). Comparative Study of Light Steel Roof Frame Construction Methods with Conventional Methods and Prefabricated Methods. Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, 25(8), 148–156.


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