Understanding Package Crack Signatures in a Leadframe Semiconductor Package

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Jefferson Talledo


This paper presents the simulation approach used to understand package crack signatures of a leadframe package under different mechanical loading scenarios. Package crack is one of the common problems with semiconductor packages. A better understanding of the different crack signatures would help identify the root cause quickly and be able to find the correct solution. In this study, a high precision materials testing system was used to apply mechanical loading to the package simulating different scenarios that could produce the crack. Based on the testing results, cracks have distinct signatures depending on how the force is applied. With the different signatures identified, this approach makes it easy to find the root cause of the crack in actual applications or assembly processes and resolve the problem faster.

Package crack, leadframe package, mechanical loading, crack signature, mechanical stress.

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Talledo, J. (2021). Understanding Package Crack Signatures in a Leadframe Semiconductor Package. Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, 20(3), 6-14. https://doi.org/10.9734/jerr/2021/v20i317274
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