Integration of EMI Shielding Design for Substrate Package Isolation

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Frederick Ray I. Gomez
Rennier S. Rodriguez


This paper presents a modified substrate design that would enable a bottom electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding protection for EMI sensitive integrated unit (IC). The modified substrate design is applied and incorporated to the existing and known shielding technique to fully proof the structure to external interference through the application of EMI shielding layer on the substrate configuration. The EMI shielding layer will be connected to the surface coating (EMI shielding) and ground channel of the substrate and the external board.

EMI, integrated circuit, semiconductor, substrate

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Gomez, F. R. I., & Rodriguez, R. S. (2020). Integration of EMI Shielding Design for Substrate Package Isolation. Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, 17(2), 18-22.
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