Addressing Package Voids on Extremely Small Leadframe Device

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A. Sumagpang Jr.
F. R. Gomez


The paper focused in addressing the package voids defect of a semiconductor device utilizing an extremely small leadframe technology. Potential risk analysis and pareto diagram were completed to identify the top reject contributors and eventually come-up with the robust solution. A comprehensive design of experiments (DOE) was completed and solution validation was performed to formulate the effective corrective actions. Results revealed that package voids were addressed by optimizing the molding process focusing on the molding temperature and curing time. A significant improvement of 95 % for package voids reduction was achieved. For future works, the parameters and learnings could be used on devices with similar configuration.

Compression molding, leadframe, line-stressing, package voids, semiconductor

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Jr., A. S., & Gomez, F. R. (2020). Addressing Package Voids on Extremely Small Leadframe Device. Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, 16(4), 1-7.
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