Investigation and Optimization of Production Variables: A Case of Plastic Manufacturing Industry

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Chukwuemeka Daniel Ezeliora
Maryrose N. Umeh
Anodebe Malachy Dilinna


The study evaluates and analysis the extrusion plastic production variables in Innoson Plastic Manufacturing Company, Nnewi, Anambra State, Nigeria. The research method adopted is the application of statistical tools and design of expert tools to evaluate and to analyze the influence of the variables. The statistical correlation of the variables is to understand the significant relationship between the variables. The parameters are all significance except time. This show that time is not significant in modeling the system. The use of design expert was applied to evaluate the extrusion plastic production variable to understand what the variables portray and its influence on production. The mixture design method of D-optimal Non-Simplex Screening model was used to optimize the production variables which entails that the best quantity of product that is to produce is 9204.461 units. The results show that the industry should be conscious of highly influence input variable during production.

Optimization, mixture design, production, plastics, correlation and ANOVA.

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Ezeliora, C. D., Umeh, M. N., & Dilinna, A. M. (2020). Investigation and Optimization of Production Variables: A Case of Plastic Manufacturing Industry. Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, 15(1), 1-16.
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