Improved Chuck Table Design for Silicon Wafer Defects Resolution

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Bryan Christian Bacquian
Frederick Ray Gomez


The paper aimed to mitigate wafer defects such as large kerf shifting issue, dice pop-out occurrence and edge cut defects in the wafer preparation or pre-assembly stage of integrated circuits (IC) assembly manufacturing. With the introduction of new wafer preparation technologies such as dicing before grinding (DBG) and laser die attach film (DAF) cut, technical challenges were encountered. The paper focused on the interaction of different glass chuck table design and laser DAF parameter in order to address the problems. Based on the evaluation and revalidation of results, it has been identified that the single hole without outer groove glass chuck table design improved the response, eliminating dice pop-out issue at laser DAF cut, as well as the kerf shifting issue and edge cut defect.

Chuck table, wafer preparation, pre-assembly, kerf shift.

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Bacquian, B. C., & Gomez, F. R. (2020). Improved Chuck Table Design for Silicon Wafer Defects Resolution. Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, 12(1), 20-24.
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