Wirebond Process Improvement with Enhanced Stand-off Bias Wire Clamp and Top Plate

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Jonathan C. Pulido
Frederick Ray I. Gomez
Edwin M. Graycochea Jr.


New design for a certain issue in semiconductor industry is another way to modify the standard configuration into specified limit or to make a possible solution of the problem.  This paper presents a new modified design for wirebond top plate with a bias platform structure that will maintain a consistent second bond into a leadframe leads with half-etch configuration on quad-flat no-leads (QFN) packages especially in wirebond process. This paper used a side by side comparison to proof that the new design is better than the older design.  With the new specialized wire clamp and top plate design, parts per million (PPM) level performances is improved by almost 90%.

Wire clamp and top plate, quad-flat no-leads, non-stick on leads, ball aspect ratio, integrated circuit.

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C. Pulido, J., Ray I. Gomez, F., & Graycochea Jr., E. M. (2020). Wirebond Process Improvement with Enhanced Stand-off Bias Wire Clamp and Top Plate. Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, 9(3), 1-4. https://doi.org/10.9734/jerr/2019/v9i317021
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