Evaluation the Software Tools Quality to Thesaurus in the Implementation of a Controlled Media Art Vocabulary

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Miguel Angel Marzal
Beatriz Ríos
Diego Ferreyra


In this project, he develops the evaluation of seven thesaurus software tools, in the implementation of a controlled vocabulary, for the CAAC (Collections and Archives of Contemporary Art of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Cuenca, UCLM) in collaboration with UC3M; framed in the "Media Art vocabulary" project. For the conservation of artistic products as digital objects of the museum of Cuenca, Spain. The Construction and application of the thesaurus, Web implementation, publication of its terms as Linked Data, using TemaTres Software. A customized method is used combining quality, usability and semantic web techniques. A method was designed to evaluate the characteristics of each of the tools. Such as the availability of download, easy of access, use, learning, deployment on the server, sharing, and exchange of data, and free use. This study is a part project to Vocabularies for a Media Art Archives and Collections Network. This project establishes the scientific and methodological convergence of two research teams, one from Humanities, Art and Fine Arts, the other from Documentation, with a support of Computer Science and Audiovisual Communication. The importance of project progress lies in metadata labeling, identification by descriptors of the specific thesaurus, guarantee of semantic reuse of content, interoperability for a network of Media Art archives and collections, its digital continuity and dissemination in virtual spaces Wide projection. Winning the TemaTres tool, the thesaurus was implemented in the period from April to July 2019.

Media art, thesaurus, vocabulary, semantic web.

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Angel Marzal, M., Ríos, B., & Ferreyra, D. (2020). Evaluation the Software Tools Quality to Thesaurus in the Implementation of a Controlled Media Art Vocabulary. Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, 9(3), 1-12. https://doi.org/10.9734/jerr/2019/v9i317019
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