The Working Principle of a Turbine “Case Study: GE Frame 9E Gas Turbine”

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Obolo Olupitan Emmanuel


Gas Turbine is one of the machines that use the thermodynamic principle converting fuel energy to mechanical energy. It is an internal combustion engine. Also, designed to accelerate a stream of gas, which is used to produce a reactive thrust to propel an object or to produce mechanical power that turns a load. It functions in the same way as the internal combustion engine. It sucks in air from the atmosphere, and compress it. The fuel (gas) is injected and ignited (spark plug). The gases expand doing work and finally exhausts outside. Instead of reciprocating motion, the gas turbine uses a rotary motion throughout, and that is the only difference.

Turbine, fuel (gas), principle, combustion, exhaust

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Emmanuel, O. O. (2019). The Working Principle of a Turbine “Case Study: GE Frame 9E Gas Turbine”. Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, 9(1), 1-20.
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