Sewer Water Effect on the Corrosion of Cast Iron before and after Treatment

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Mona A. A. Abdelfattah
M. Sobhi


This study aimed to compare and evaluate the effects of sewer water treated by bio-filter reactors using agriculture waste and that untreated on the corrosion of cast iron pipes. The bio-filter reactor used in this study composed of two types of agriculture wastes which are a two layer of both grape stalks and rice husk. Also, the sewer water quality parameters were tested and calculated before and after treatment. The corrosion rate was tested chemically by using the weight loss technique and it was found that the rate in case of iron immersed in sewer water before treatment was higher than that immersed in treated one.

Sewer water, treatment, corrosion test

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Abdelfattah, M., & Sobhi, M. (2019). Sewer Water Effect on the Corrosion of Cast Iron before and after Treatment. Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, 5(2), 1-7.
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