Structural Shear Behavior of Composite Box Beams Using Advanced Innovated Materials

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Abeer M. Erfan
Taha A. El-Sayed


This paper presents a new conception of shear behaviour of box concrete beams reinforced by composite fabrics. For this purpose, stirrups, wire meshes as shear reinforcement were used. Seven box section concrete beams were tested using two-point loading system. Beams with tensar wire mesh exhibited increasing in ultimate failure load, shear capacity and deflection with respect to beams used fiber-glass wire mesh instead of stirrups. Nonlinear finite element analysis was conducted using finite element program of ANSYS 14.5 to verify the experimental test program. An acceptable acceptance found between the experimental and numerical results.

Composite structures, box beams, shear stress, composite materials, glass fiber wire mesh, tensar wire mesh, nonlinear finite element analysis (NLFEA), Ansys 14.5

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Erfan, A., & El-Sayed, T. (2019). Structural Shear Behavior of Composite Box Beams Using Advanced Innovated Materials. Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, 5(2), 1-14.
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