Simulation Analysis of PI Based Switched Reluctance Motor

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Raheel Muzzammel
Omer Ahmed Sajid
Mudassar Manzoor
Adnan Qayyum
Adil Shahzad


Development of switched reluctance motors have revolutionized the industrial drives, aircraft applications, food processors, compressors, fans, pumps, electric vehicle application centrifuges, vacuum cleaners and many more applications because of its simpler design, ruggedness and efficiency. Researchers are highly motivated to declare switched reluctance motor as a substitute of induction motors. In this research, PI based control of switched reluctance motor is developed and analyzed under robust environment. Different performance parameters and characteristics curves are obtained in order to derive conclusions. It is concluded that speed and current are supervised effectively and torque swells are reduced significantly with this controller. Matlab/ Simulink is used for simulation analysis.

Switched reluctance motor (SRM), PI control, Asymmetrical power converter, voltage and current control mode, Matlab/ Simulink.

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Muzzammel, R., Sajid, O., Manzoor, M., Qayyum, A., & Shahzad, A. (2019). Simulation Analysis of PI Based Switched Reluctance Motor. Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, 3(3), 1-12.
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