Comparative Studies and Optimization of the Process Factors for the Extraction of Beta-carotene from Palm Oil and Soybean Oil by Solvent Extraction

Samuel O. Egbuna, Donatus C. Onwubiko, Christian O. Asadu

Page: 1-16
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The Effects of Some Thermo-physical Properties of Fluid on Heat and Mass Transfer Flow Past Semi-infinite Moving Vertical Plate with Viscous Dissipation

M. O. Durojaye, K. A. Jamiu, I. O. Ajala

Page: 1-11
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Numerical Study of Heat Transfer from Elliptic Tube in a Fluidized Bed

M. A. Abd-Rabbo, R. Y. Sakr, M. A. Mohammad, M. M. Mandour

Page: 1-9
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Mechanical Behaviour of Common Bean (cv. Butter) Seeds as Affected by Maturation

H. Uguru, O. I. Akpokodje, S. V. Irtwange

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Analysis of Reactive Flow of Third-grade Exothermi Chemical Reaction with Variable Viscosity and Convective Cooling

J. F. Baiyeri, M. A. Mohammed, O. A. Esan, T. O. Ogunbayo, O. E. Enobabor

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