Performance of Isolated Footings Reinforced Randomly by Glass Fiber

Elsayed El Kasaby, Mohammad Farouk A. Bdelmagied

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A Study of Vacuum Efficiency for Silicon on Insulator Wafers

Bryan Christian S. Bacquian, Frederick Ray I. Gomez

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Effectiveness of Various Techniques Using FRP for the Strengthening of R. C. Beams with Tension Lap Splices

Mohamed H. Makhlouf

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Adsorption of Cyanide from Cassava Wastewater Using Calcined and Activated Oyster Shell Ash

Oto-Obong P. Akpan, B. R. Etuk

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Design of Common-gate with Common-source Active Balun for WiMAX Receiver Front-end

Frederick Ray I. Gomez, Maria Theresa G. De Leon, John Richard E. Hizon

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