Behavior of Columns Confined With FRP Fabrics under Repeated Lateral Loads

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Hesham A. Haggag
Nagy F. Hanna
Ghada G. Ahmed


The axial strength of reinforced concrete columns is enhanced by wrapping them with Fiber Reinforced Polymers, FRP, fabrics.  The efficiency of such enhancement is investigated for columns when they are subjected to repeated lateral loads accompanied with their axial loading.  The current research presents that investigation for Glass and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (GFRP and CFRP) strengthening as well.  The reduction of axial loading capacity due to repeated loads is evaluated. The number of applied FRP plies with different types (GFRP or CFRP) are considered as parameters in our study. The study is evaluated experimentally and numerically.  The numerical investigation is done using ANSYS software. The experimental testing are done on five half scale reinforced concrete columns.  The loads are applied into three stages. Axial load are applied on specimen in stage 1 with a value of 30% of the ultimate column capacity. In stage 2, the lateral loads are applied in repeated manner in the existence of the vertical loads.  In the last stage the axial load is continued till the failure of the columns. The final axial capacities after applying the lateral action, mode of failure, crack patterns and lateral displacements are recorded.   Analytical comparisons for the analyzed specimens with the experimental findings are done.  It is found that the repeated lateral loads decrease the axial capacity of the columns with a ratio of about (38%-50%).  The carbon fiber achieved less reduction in the column axial capacity than the glass fiber.  The column confinement increases the ductility of the columns under the lateral loads.

Axial strength, confined columns, GFRP, CFRP, repeated lateral load, ANSYS.

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Haggag, H. A., Hanna, N. F., & Ahmed, G. G. (2019). Behavior of Columns Confined With FRP Fabrics under Repeated Lateral Loads. Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, 6(4), 1-19.
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