Correlation between Swelling Pressure and Free Swell of Greater Cairo City Expansive Soils – A Case Study

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Nasser A. A. Radwan
Khaled M. M. Bahloul


The aim of this research is to investigate experimentally the relationship between free swell, plasticity index of expansive soil found in greater Cairo City Suburbs, Egypt with swelling pressure of mentioned soil. Predicting Swelling Pressure of any soil is a time consuming and expensive test in comparison to determining plasticity index and free swell which are simple, fast and economic tests. In present research six samples of expansive soil were collected from different locations of study area. The method uses single variable and multiple variable regression analysis using Microsoft excel software.

Expansive soil, swelling pressure, free swell, plasticity index, regression analysis

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Radwan, N. A., & Bahloul, K. M. (2019). Correlation between Swelling Pressure and Free Swell of Greater Cairo City Expansive Soils – A Case Study. Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, 6(3), 1-6.
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